gif battle | vs. flyingastrid

round two emma decody + emotions 

Dylan Massett || 1.07 The Man In Number 9

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gif battle || flyingastrid vs. fybatemotel

01.  bruised & battered focuses on characters with injuries
02.  faceless scenes that exclude faces
03.  [character] + lyrics the subject with lyrics from a song of choice
04.  [pairing] + emotions ex: dylan/norma + anger, emma/gunner + happy
05.  defining moments scenes focusing on character development, character growth
06.  cinematography interesting camera angles
07.  [character] + one color a subject in only one color
08.  sob scene scenes that make you sob so much
09.  colorporn scenes with bright, vibrant colors
10.  touch me scenes with physical contact between characters

bonus: psycho parallels/foreshadowing between the show and pyscho

we’ll be posting on sundays, so keep an eye out :)

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We all go a little crazy sometimes.
Teen Wolf AU → After Allison’s death, Lydia goes a little insane.


in geometry i got one hundred percent on a test for the third time in a row

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April 18, 1971